Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis Description

Fragment analysis is a powerful research tool with numerous applications in modern research, including detection of mutations within a genome, genotyping, and DNA profiling. Using our state-of-the-art 3730xl sequencing machines, Eton Bioscience is able to perform high quality fragment analysis via capillary electrophoresis and deliver your results within 24 Hours! Our ability to consistently provide reliable data combined with our competitive prices make Eton Bioscience the best choice for your fragment analysis needs.

We are currently able to process the following applications:

  • Microsatellites - tandemly repeated sequences 1 to 4 nucleotides long that are used for genetic mapping, tracing inheritance patterns and linkage analysis
  • SNP genotyping and detection - Single nucleotide polymorphisms
  • Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) - genetic fingerprinting technique
  • Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Chromosomal Insertions and Deletions (INDEL) - Single nucleotide insertions or deletions within a gene

Fragment Analysis Services

Full Service Fragment Analysis : Customer submits pre-diluted PCR samples to be run with our in house size standard LIZ-500. This standard can be used with any fragment that is 500bp or smaller has been amplified using a fluorescently labeled primer within the DS-33 (G5) dye set: 6-FAM (blue), VIC (green), NED (yellow), PET (red).

Frag-Ready-to-Load : Customer is responsible for mixing appropriate amounts of PCR template, size standard, and Hi-Di Formamide prior to submission. Once received, these samples will be loaded directly onto the 3730xl and sequenced

Competitive pricing packages and custom analysis options available contact for details!

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