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Q: Do you provide Midiprep/Megaprep/Gigaprep service?

No. We only provide Maxiprep Service.

Q: Can you do transformation with our plasmid for Maxiprep service?

Yes we can do transformation with your samples for Maxiprep service if necessary.

Q: What types of samples can we send for Maxiprep service?

We can prep maxipreps from DNA plasmid, glycerol stocks, or colonies on plates.

Q: If we send you colonies on plates, will you be able to return the plates to me when the Maxiprep is complete?

Yes we can send plates back to you upon request.

Q: How much plasmid do you need for Maxiprep service?

Please send us 10-50ul of samples with the concentration of 50-100ng/μl.Please do not send us your plasmids in  low volume since  they tend to evaporate.

Q: What is the endotoxin level of plasmids prepared from Endotoxin-free Maxiprep?

It will be about <0.05 EU/μg DNA

Q: Which competent cell do you use for Maxiprep service?

We use DH5α.

Q: Do you have antibiotics available other than Ampicillin and Kanamycin?

No. We have Ampicillin and Kanamycin available, however, if your plasmids needs other antibiotics, the antibiotics need to be provided from you along with your samples.

Q: Do you provide express Maxiprep service?

We do not provide express service

Q: After maxiprep is done, can you provide us sequencing service from the plasmid?

Yes, we can provide sequencing service for the plasmid prepared with Maxiprep service with additional cost.

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