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Our DNA prep service can prepare DNA from plasmid DNA or colonies cultivated on an agar plate. We will perform the transformation step if necessary. Upon completion, we will provide the final product(s) along with a service summary that includes final DNA concentration, volume and spectrophotometric DNA analysis. This service is available to US customers ONLY.

Prep Scale (Endotoxin Free)*
Typical Plasmid Yield+
High CopyLow Copy
Giga Prep
7-10 mg2- 5 mg
Mega Prep
1.5 -2.5 mg250ug - 1.0 mg
Maxi Prep
.5 – 1.5 mg75 – 500 ug

*Endotoxin-free preps are recommended for research specializing in animal testing

+Plasmid yield may vary depending on the plasmid, toxicity of insert among other factors

Turnaround Time

Maxipreps: 3-6 business days for an order of up to 8 preps

Megaprep & Gigaprep: 4-7 business days for an order of up to 4 preps

Turnaround time may vary on your choice of service type, the quantity of samples requested, and the specific service requested. Please contact us at dnaprep@etonbio.com to discuss your DNA prep project.


We have ampicillin and kanamycin available for DNA Prep services. If another antibiotic is needed, please provide it to Eton according to these guidelines:

  • Submit samples as bacterial colonies on agar plate
    • If you would like to submit your samples as plasmid or bacterial culture, please email us at dnaprep@etonbio.com to discuss your project
  • Provide a 1000x stock
  • For Maxipreps
    • A minimum of 700 ul of antibiotic per sample
      • ex: if 3 of your samples require the chloramphenicol then provide 2.1 mL of 1000X of chloramphenicol
  • For megapreps
    • Provide 2 mL of antibiotic of choice at a concentration of 1000x per sample
  • For gigapreps
    • Provide 5 mL of antibiotic of choice at a concentration of 1000x per sample

Additional Services

  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Oligo Synthesis


For pricing information, please send an online quote request. Please see "How to receive a quote" below on this page for more details.


A PO number is required when submitting an order. If you would like to pay by credit card, please email our accounting department at accounting@etonbio.com or call 800-758-1630 for assistance.

Shipment of Final Products

  • For all customers
  • Final products are shipped or delivered when the whole order is completed. Upon request, we can send you partial order in multiple shipments before your order is complete. However, please note that shipping and handling fees are charged per shipment.
  • For local customer close to the San Diego branch
  • If you are a local customer close to our San Diego branch, final products will be delivered by our staff.
  • For all other customers
  • A UPS/FedEx tracking number will be emailed to you when it is shipped.

How to Receive a Quote

You have two ways to get a quote from us:

  1. If you are a registered customer, log into your account. Under Genomics, find DNA Prep Services. Click on Request a Quote button and fill out the form.
  2. If you are not a registered customer, you may email your request to sales@etonbio.com with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your company/institution
    • The service type of interest: Maxi-prep (Endotoxin-free), Mega-prep, Giga-prep
    • The number of samples/preps, and the type of plasmid( high or low copy plasmid)
    • The antibiotics to be used for the service
    • Additional services if applicable

We will review your request and send a quote to you.

How to Place an order

If you accept the quote, please place an order :

For those customers who sent a quote request through your Eton Account

Please click on the link provided in the email and you will be asked to complete the order form.

For those customers who sent a quote request via email

Please place an order under your account. You can register for an account by clicking here.

How to send your samples

For local customers close to MA/NC/NJ/SD Branch - please call us to make arrangements for us to pick up your samples (and antibiotics if they are other than Ampicillin/Kanamycin).

For all other customers - please send your samples (and antibiotics if they are other than Ampicillin/Kanamycin) to the San Diego Branch:

Eton Bioscience, Inc.
10421 Wateridge Cir,
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121

If you have any questions about requesting a quote, please send an email to dnaprep@etonbio.com for help.

More Information

For more information, visit our Support Center by clicking here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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